3-dimensional art, web-design, scripting and games level and art design.

Mostly level design.

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About me

My name is Bård Fredrikson and I was born in Norway

Since childhood, many things throughout have inspired me to where I am today and a big part of my identity is embedded into video games, however not solely based upon it.

In senior high-school I was unsure of what my future would hold and I was very confused at what I would end up doing when I got out of school. But at a seminar before school went off on my last year, I was guided to a private school called Noroff. The school was considered higher education and could provide Bachelor degrees in quite a few subjects, but sadly the line I decided to aim towards was not supported at that time.

I undertook a basic course in Media to see how well I was fit for this line of education, which made me realize it was a lot more free than I was used to from mandatory education, yet strict enough that I could at least work on my skills without feeling neglected or left to my own devices too much. After that year I started learning 3D Design and Animation and worked my skills up to a very amateurish level. I possess above basic knowledge from that year, but I do possess expert theories from the same course, thanks in a large part to the teachers. I passed with flying colors.

The third year I wanted to do Games Design, however the course was rather unpopular, to my surprise. There were none from my class who wanted to do it and only 2-3 people from across Norway who eventually entered as well. My sub-par work was submitted over the year and I passed with decent grades, but I felt something was off. Sadly, they could not provide Bachelors degrees from Noroff at this time either, but asked me to try to apply for a university in England. The Teesside University of Middlesbrough. I applied and left my country to follow a vacant dream.

I knew ahead of time that this university was different from what I was used to by now, but what I ended up meeting was a bit of a wall. Most of the courses were fine, but the students were an uninspired bunch and some of the teachers were a bit upset about receiving criticism from the students and decided to take it out on the entire class, ending up in causing my nerves to be shredded. I ended up leaving the university with only half my grades passed, but with very good grades on those.

Going back in time, to the year 2002, Bioware released a game known as Neverwinter Nights. This game was received poorly by a lot of people, however it had a very revolutionary toolset, which would set out to guide me as earlier mentioned, and introduce me into a much bigger world. 7 years later and I still play Neverwinter Nights quite often and I've made a lot of friends who would emotionally support me over the years. I mention this because it also inspired me to work with the toolset and develop some... Ambitious projects that ended up never being published, and some smaller projects.

Since December 2007 I have been working at Follo Futura, developing a few web-sites, also located under my portfolio section. My skills have improved yet further and I hope they can assist me in proving that I do have the devotion necessary to finish any project I start, if I concentrate upon it.